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Thread: sippy cup

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    Default sippy cup

    I want to know from you guys
    Which sippy cup is the best for 3.5 month old?

    since he wont take a bottle.
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    Default Re: sippy cup

    My LO likes the new Nuk sippy cups. Not sure about a 3 month old, but there is a nuby feeding system that is for babies about that age I think. You can get it at Walmart. It has like 3 diff. things in the package.
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    Smile Re: sippy cup

    hi.. I am using Playtex and they have a 1st sippy for babys that are still nursing or on a bottle, and trying to introduce to a sippy cup.. you will like them as they have no bad plastic in them either! so, that is what I got for our baby as he is now 7.5 mo old..and I am trying to get him used to a sippy cup too. good luck.. Lisa C

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