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Thread: Help! - How to heal a bite

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    Default Help! - How to heal a bite

    I am not sure where to put this. I EBF my 9.5 month old son. Somehow he must have bitten me and I didn't notice it at the time. I have a bite mark and chunk missing on one nipple. It hurts so bad when he nurses on it. I've been trying to give that side a break, but I don't want to get engorged or get a clogged duct. It doesn't seem to be healing on it's own. It seems like everytime he nurses on it, it opens back up. Is there anything I can put on the bite to help it heal quicker (that is non-toxic, etc.)? Please help! TIA!

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    Have you tried lanolin? I used it when my lo was teething and bit really hard, but I didn't have a chunk bit out just bleeding so I don't know lanolin would help or not. .
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    my book recommended putting breastmilk on the bite mark or if really bad call the dr for a rx. But from a personal POV I have no idea what to do for a chuck that is missing. I would call a dr.
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    Maybe try Lasinoh and only use a pump on that side for a day or so in order to let it heal?

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