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Thread: Supply off or growth spurt?

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    Question Supply off or growth spurt?

    My LO (6 months old) has been nursing almost hourly for about a week now. And not to mention sleeping a lot more. (except at night of course)

    Is a week-long growth spurt possible? (possibly even longer) I mean, last night she was up almost every hour. Thankfully we cosleep so that helps us both go back to sleep fast, but still...every hour?

    I'm not sure if my supply is off or something. (even though I'm still able to pump what I normally can pump at work)

    Any suggestions? I'm getting a little tired of nursing every hour...
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    Default Re: Supply off or growth spurt?

    At 6months it could be teeth and a growth spurt! Hang on! Nurse on demand as much as possible because if its a growth spurt you want meet her needs. And if it's teeth, the constant nursing could be due to pain. If it keeps up much longer you could try some tylenol. If it gets you back a 3-4 hour stretch, you know it's teeth.

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