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Thread: problem with solids...HELP

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    Default problem with solids...HELP

    DD is 8 months old. She has been taking solids very well for a little over a month. I do make my own baby food ( except for the meat...just cant get that pureed good enough yet).

    Anyway dd is teething and now will NOT eat homemade baby food!! She initially had store bought when we first started solids just so we could try oe thing at a time. when we found out she liked something I then made it. She did not have a problem eating anything I made and now all of a sudden she is deciding all she likes that I make is the fruit. She will NOT eat my peas, g beans, sw pot etc!!! Help!! Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions?? I do use wholeosmebabyfood.com but didnt see anything there. HELP! maybe just a phase??

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    Default Re: problem with solids...HELP

    Well some babies never take to purees, so it's not odd that she seems to be pulling away from them at this age.... She might be ready to start self feeding 'solid' solids You know whole, finger-able foods. Here's a list with some ideas
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    Default Re: problem with solids...HELP

    my 9 month old refuses the spoon most of the time unless its applesauce... She prefers to eat off our plate or our fingers or to feed herself. She doesn't like purees either.
    At 8 months try doing small chunks of soft food like banana or kiwi etc.. use your finger to put it in her mouth or spead it out on her high chair tray and her her practice her pincer grasp.

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