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Thread: Solids and constipation

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    Default Solids and constipation

    My son is 6 months old and gets one meal a day, at supper. So far he has had avocado, oatmeal, pears, sw potatoes & peas! He was fine for a few weeks but now he is constipated. His poop was hard and pellet like. I stopped all food for a few days and he finally pooped out all the hard stuff and of course a flood of softer poop came after...tmi I know!!! Now is it normal for babies to get constipated when introducing solids? I'm going to only breastfeed for another day or so and then introduce again? Which food could be the issue?? I'm thinking the oatmeal cause he was fine when it was just avocado!
    Also what consistency should his poop be when breastfed and on solids?

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    Default Re: Solids and constipation

    I read this post because my lo is having constipation issues for the first time, and am hoping some expert mommas can offer some tips to both of us . My lo is 9 months, you said yours is 6? When I first introduced solids at 6 months I didn't have constipation issues because he was eating by far mostly my milk, very little solids. At one point I think he became a little constipated and so I just stopped the solids and just like with you, he went. Now he eats three meals a day of solids and nurses ~5 times per day, and doing extra nursing sessions hasn't helped. Dry & pebbly poops. I'm going to be better about offering water & juice with meals I guess, and more fruits like prunes should help. Bananas are not good for constipation I know.

    So I'd def. nurse before his meal, and stay away from bananas and try some prunes. Also as far as consistency of poop, when I first introduced solids the smell was unbelievable and the poops were chunky but now they barely smell and they are generally firm (I can easily shake them into the toilet before washing his diaper, no scraping).

    I'd also ask the ped. for some tips, I'm going to call mine too! Good luck.
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