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Thread: poop problem-out of the diaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleynjacy
    Is there somewhere where I can purchase cloth diapers and covers??? Can I buy them at a store or do I need to order them from the internet?>>??
    Depending on where you live there might be an actual place. But I'm sure your choices will be waayyy better on the internet. If you are looking for input there's plenty on this board. Down in "Introductions & Commonalities" there's a thread called Cloth diapering or "Ecing mamas? It has pages of why we do and what ones we use. Also Down in Chit Chat or Around the refreshemnt table Mami Kathy took a poll of everyone's favorite before she made the switch and I believe there's another really good thread. PM me if you have any questions but there's a ton of great info right here. Incidentally the no leaks is a nice benefit but there are a BUNCH more. C'mon down and have a look at all the reasons we do it and know there are a bunch of different ways. So don't think "Oh I could never". I'm a great example of someone who could "never" I use a service. And Mami Kathy didn't seem interested in ever spending another dime on diapers OR doing a ton of laundry and I think we found a nice solution for her too! So look around and feel free to send some one a PM if you'd like some extra guidance.

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    Thank you so much for all the info!!!!!!

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