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Thread: Crazy schedule what should I have done?

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    Question Crazy schedule what should I have done?

    Today I had to take my ds to see his ped. gi which required dh, the kids, and myself to be on the road by 7am to get to the dr by 8am (arrived 8:10). Anywho, dd2 feeding schedule (more like rhythm) was all crazy. To the point one of my breast was killing me. I would offer her the breast when I got a chance (the dr office, in the parking lot after I dropped dh off, at home...) she would take the breast and nurse just to release some but not all the pain. Should I have pumped? Is this how clogged ducts happen or worse mastisi? I am just worried with her getting her first tooth she will self wean.

    It took a few hours and several feedings to get my breasts to feel "normal", but now one nipple really hurts when she latches. Only for a few so I am guessing it is all the saliva.

    TIA for you help.
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    Default Re: Crazy schedule what should I have done?

    I think as long as you nurse on demand tomorrow it should be okay. Many babies show a lack of interest in nursing when they are teething and resume their normal patterns once the teething pain is gone. The nipple pain could be related to the tooth coming in. It is uncomfortable when my lo first latches on when he is teething then once he gets serious about nursing it doesn't hurt anymore.
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    Default Re: Crazy schedule what should I have done?

    Seven month old babies do not self-wean; I mean, I'm sure it has happened, but it's very rare, certainly not a commonplace occurence related to normal teething. There is a big difference between a temporary lack of interest in nursing (most because it hurts to put pressure on the gum) and self-weaning! I would continue to nurse on demand and it will sort itself out!
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    This is one of those times when hand expression comes in really handy. I've hand expressed in a wide variety of places when DS was going through his year long phase of refusing to nurse well unless we were home. If you are engorged and hurting, you do run the risk of a plugged duct. Does your breast with the sore nipple hurt anywhere else? Do you have a white spot on the end of the nipple?

    Nope, she won't self wean with a tooth. She might go on strike, but that's temporary and can be dealt with.

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