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Thread: Solo very long Road Trip

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    Default Solo very long Road Trip

    I'm gonna be taking a very long road trip with just DS and myself. Roughly 1700 miles, we are planing on stoping for the night so its gonna take roughly 2 days. I'm not very good at nursing without a pillow and well DS isn't either. As of right now I"m gonna try to stop every 2 hours or so to try to nurse him and change him and pray he stays asleep in the car. i have enough milk pumped to give him a bottle instead of nursing and i plan on bring it in a ice chest but i'm afraid to leave it out to defrost it, it would end up going bad. plus worry about the milk building up without being pumped. any advice from someone that might have done this before?

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    Default Re: Solo very long Road Trip

    How old is DS? What is his nursing pattern like now?

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    I made a 500-mile roadtrip alone with my son when he was about 10 or 12 weeks old. We had no family nearby and I desperately wanted to take him home to show him off to my elderly father and other relatives.

    We did okay, but the trip took MUCH longer than I expected. Every stop took about an hour (nurse him, change him, gas up the car, hit the bathroom myself, grab something to eat or drink.) It wasn't really HARD to do all that alone, but it just took a lot of time and slowed us down. So a trip that used to take about 8 hours, and that I thought would now take about 10 hours, actually took more like 13-14 hours. And, I should add, my son did great in his carseat for the first 10 hours or so, but for the last few hours it was awful -- he was crying, would not be soothed, and I was distracted; at one point I pulled over on the side of the road to just hold him, which wasn't really safe at night. Looking back, I would have been smarter to allow two days and stop in the middle somewhere -- so you might think about allowing one extra night each way.

    Can you bring some pillows for nursing in the back seat and at rest stops? Just go ahead and fill up the car with stuff you think you might need; when you're alone, it will help!


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    I had to take a very long and stressful road trip alone with DS and a mare and foal when DS was around 5 months old because the foal needed an immediate emergency surgery.

    I would recommend packing anything you think you might need, and adding 50% more time to the time you think it will take. I managed to make the first half of the trip in about the usual time -- I HAD to, or the foal was going to die -- but we only stopped once or twice, DS was a fast nurser, and I did have some engorgement and leaking until I could relax and really nurse. The return trip took longer because I stopped more often to nurse.

    I pretty much made sure I had everything I thought I would need for one-way, and I restocked before returning. Snacks for me, water, stuff like that. I put it where I could easily reach it, along with a fully charged cell phone.

    If you aren't in a big hurry to reach your destination, take some time around the time your baby seems to be restless, stop and walk around the rest stop with a sling or something. That might help. But DS didn't sleep nearly as much as I hoped or thought he would!

    Maybe a weird question, but why bother with pumped milk? If you don't nurse, aren't you going to be engorged? It just seems like it would be easier to take your favorite nursing pillow, climb in the backseat and relax for a while, nurse, and then go, rather than fool with ensuring you have a clean bottle for each feeding and worrying about defrosting it.. . I do not mean to offend, but I can't quite see how bottlefeeding would make your trip easier.
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