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Thread: 20/20 having special on bf'ing tonight...

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    Default Re: 20/20 having special on bf'ing tonight...

    I was somewhat disappointed in the segment. I'm unsure about the commericials- I wonder why they didn't include information about where to go for support- or why not a commercial of an LC or a friend helping another with breastfeeding?
    I guess what bothers me is that they didn't discuss the fact that breastfeeding is hard. Its frustrating, there are obstacles etc. But, what aspect of parenting (especially a newborn, especially for first time moms) isn't hard? The only difference is that for the other hard things, getting a baby to fall asleep for example, there isn't a "formula" to fall back on.

    But really, the question I really wanted answered after watching it... is the reporter who did the story, Elizabeth Vargas, who is quite pregnant, going to breastfeed?!!

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    Default Re: 20/20 having special on bf'ing tonight...

    I agree with freeresponse about the commercials not talking about how difficult it is and how to get support. My problem with commercials is that they don't really accomplish anything. It's not like someone that was planning to FF would see that commercial and think, "Oh, well...I had no idea that formula was so bad. I'll BF now." If anything, all they do is make society in general look down on a woman who FF without knowing that woman's particular situation. In my opinion, every woman who is either FF or BF already knows the general message that the commercial is trying to get across. So, all the commercial is doing is making BF black and white for people with a lack of knowledge and/or experience, and it doesn't encourage anyone to seek out more information.

    I just think they could've gone a different route with the commercials. I don't think there's any reason for anyone to be super sensitive about it, though. They just seemed kind of pointless and it was almost like they were going for shock value, or maybe even a little laughter.

    I was disappointed with the special. I thought they were going to talk about why BF is so difficult. I was looking forward to that, because I've wondered that. If BF is so natural and good, why is it such a challenge?? Maybe we THINK it's more of a challenge because we have options now (formula). I didn't really gain anything from it.

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