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Thread: Help!!! -We're on day 5 of no poop!

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    Default Re: Help!!! -We're on day 5 of no poop!

    Hi Ruby,
    I am so sorry you thought that I was offended! I was out of town for vacation and as much as we try to have all of the forums covered, alas some just slip through the cracks. My apologies!

    I find it interesting that dd is passing "soft blobs" of poop, but still straining. Again, I know I am beating a dead horse here, but constipation is when the bm's are hard and dry. So really, the only true symptom of constipation she has is the straining.

    Here is some info I found on Dr. Sears' website. Not LLL, but it may help.


    I would still consider dd a "baby". She just turned 2 and is not getting all or even most of her nutrition from solids. So she is more like a baby in that respect.

    I am sorry you are still feeling stressed about this. Please let us know how you and dd are doing.


    How old is your ds?
    Going 5 days between bm's is not a symptom of constipation, as you probably already read. Symptoms are straining, seeming to be in pain, hard dry stools. It is well within the range of normal for a bf baby to go several days without a bm.


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    Default Re: Help!!! -We're on day 5 of no poop!

    Thanks Kate,

    AFter 2 weeks I used the BAbyLax liquid suppository. It took an hour of straining and she produced 3 1/2, quarter sized, light colored circle. This was the first they were circles not a mound of mush. So she really was bound up. I did this yesterday and planned to do it again today as I don't believe she got it all out. My plan didn't happen but I will do it again tomorrow.

    My new plan is to use the lax every week if nothing happens, no poo. I believe she needs to learn poo can be painless and often. Other things on the new plan is to sit on potty each morning and try to poo, even if it's only a minute. Add flax seed meal, not just the oil. Look for more prune recipes. I was doing well with unprocessed wheat bran baked breads but dd seems to be tired of these recipes.

    I think I am going to call a specialist as well. Just to talk about diet. I fear they won't know much about nursing and even hint I should wean. I want dd to lean the weaning. I have no issue with that at all. I just want to help her strain less and go like she used to when she was entirely nursing. I'm starting to wonder if there might be some kind of food reaction happening inside.

    I read all the warnings about not using too much lax, stretching intestines by holding, weakening those muscles need to push, and it keeps me awake at night. Dr. Sears is the only one who gives a solution and plan (which includes timely laxative help) without then scareing me with warning about the plan. That's where I'm at.

    No quick answers. Just looking for more supportive, loving ways to help without causing trauma and fear.

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    Default Re: Help!!! -We're on day 5 of no poop!

    We had the same problem w/ DD2. Miralax really helped. Babylax worked well too, if we got off the Miralax for a few days and she got stopped up. We still use the Miralax because she eats way too much dairy. (She's a very fussy eater.)

    We also saw a pedi GI doc, who was teriffic! She warned us about the cycle of painful poop - stool holding - more painful poop and told us we needed to keep the stools soft until DD forgot all about the painful experiences.

    Good luck with all of this. I know how it hurts to watch your LO strain over BM's, and how worrisome it is when days go by with no BM. Let us know how it goes.

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    Question Re: Help!!! -We're on day 5 of no poop!

    Hi Barb,

    Can you tell me more about Miralax? Is this prescription? What is it actually? And most importantly, what do you add to the diet to keep stools soft? Currently I am using baked goods I make with unprocessed wheat bran and flax oil. But I need more resources as dd is getting tired of these items.

    Also... what is the dairy connection? My dd loves yo-baby and since she is such a selective eater, I never refuse. But if dairy aides constipation or anything related I will try to hide the yogurt in the frig. She goes in the door every time I open the frig.

    Thank you to Carolin's response too. Your baby is still under a year... I had little concern with constipation then, it wasn't until 18+ months that problems started here. Keep notes just in case you need it later.

    I am so grateful for the replies!!!!

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    Glad she "went".

    My ds is just one day older! We had problems too. My hubby did use a little bit of a supository, and it worked within five minutes.

    Nicholas loves a sippy cup, so we let him practice while eating. I read it is okay at this age to allow them to play, but not to have more that two ounces in an entire day. So, we let him have water while he eats. It has eased the problem. - no pun intended!

    Also, I've read it is helpful to nurse a lot, which we did/do, and it seems to help. I also nurse before he gets solids, and after if he wants.

    Good luck!

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