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Thread: supposed to sleep thru the night?

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    Default Re: supposed to sleep thru the night?

    I reread your OP and I also agree with others comments. If it's not bothering you to get up with baby, then I wouldn't worry about the 'supposed' to's. In my situation, I was EXHAUSTED from lack of sleep and not happy about the getting up every 2-3 hours, so I definitely needed a change. I think the sleep issue is definitely one where you have to just do what works best for your family.

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    Default Re: supposed to sleep thru the night?

    momma...we're at 10 months and dd still isn't sleeping through the night.....one day hopefully soon
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    Remember that sleeping through the night for a baby means a 5 hour stretch.....not a 10-12 hour stretch as we would like. Every baby is diferent and some achieve this milestone sooner!!! I dreamt of the day I would sleep through the night and finally around Martin´s first birthday it happened!! I thought it would be a one time thing...but no.....it has been going on for over a month now....(with sleeping through the night I mean "a night for me"...haha around 10 hours straight).

    The truth is that he started sleeping 5 hour streches around 10 months old....but that was ok with me.

    Now I miss him at night...when he wakes up (early bird...around 6:30...and he wakes up so happy) I run to his room and bring him into our bed to nurse and cuddle....I really miss him at night and I dont sleep all night either...I end up going to his room at night to look at him sleep...

    So...It will happen someday!!! there can´t be a written rule about what babies are "supposed" to be like....and over reading I think hinders a bit the relationship with your baby as we sometimes overthink too much and let our "instincts" die....we just have to do what feels right and works for us....
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    I am so happy to hear that so many are in the same boat! You do get so wrapped up in what is "normal" what is "supposed to be" hard not to get totally sucked in.
    There are nights that I wish he would sleep a little longer sure, but I keep telling myself that it won't last forever.
    DH did try to help out one night and just like the PP it ended in disaster. So we dont' even attempt anymore.
    I do wonder if I put my ds down for bed too early though. He goes down normally @ 7 but if he got no sleep at daycare it's virtuelly impossible to keep him up past 6:30. I try to distract him but he has a tough time staying up 2.5 or more from his last nap. Doesn't seem to be sleeping as well as both of us would like at daycare.
    So I wonder if his early bedtime could be the culprit? However I disagree w/ myself on this one b/c I have to wake him up @ 7 or 7:30 am to get him to ready for daycare. So obviously he needs all that time to catch up on his sleep.
    How late are you other moms putting your lo down for bedtime?

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    Default Re: supposed to sleep thru the night?

    My dd just turned 6 months old TODAY!

    She has NEVER slept thru the night yet. And last night she was up practically every hour.

    But when I meet people, one of the FIRST questions they always want to know is "Does she sleep good for you?" or "Does she STTN yet?"

    And then they look at me weird when I say "not yet".

    Why is that so important to people?
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    Since you're a working mom, the getting up in the night to nurse could quite possibly be your LO wanting to reconnect with you that way.

    When I was working my LO woke up frequently in the night to nurse after I got home from work. It was our time to reconnect. Now I'm a SAHM and she still wakes a couple times at night at almost 8 months old, but it's the only time we have without the big kids or daddy around - so it's just us


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    I've thought & tried co-sleeping..he slept a little longer but i think in general he is more comfortable in his bed....plus i get less sleep..but i want to keep co-sleeping him...it's tough. wish i had the answer to all of it!

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