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Thread: So frustrated! What to do???

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    Default So frustrated! What to do???

    So I have a one month old son and I have been breastfeeding him exclusively for the most part, struggling most of the time to satisfy him after feedings, he has been waking to eat still every 45 minutes at night, which some say is common and not associated with a supply issue so I have been continuing and hoping he has been getting enough. He has gained weight, he gained 7 oz from week 2 to week 3 and hasn't been weighed since. He has had plenty of wet and poopy diapers, so I figured all must be going well although I have never been able to pump much more than a few drops after each feeding.

    So today, my milk seems to literally be gone. I have no idea what to do. This morning Ethan nursed for a little bit and then fussed some after only a short time. I tried nursing him again and he became very agitated and pulled off my breast crying and went to sleep. I decided to try and pump and got less than one once total. I have not felt full at all today and have not had one successful feeding session where I felt Ethan was content. Each time has been a painful struggle. I should mention that I had a C-section and my milk came in pretty late, about day 6. However, I never had any real full sensation or engorgement at all. My breasts never really became larger during or after pregnancy either, I wore my same bra from beginning to end of pregnancy. I can still go several hours and barely fill the need to pump or nurse. Could this be a problem? It is normal to never feel any engorgement? Anyhow, I finally broke down and gave him an once of formula and took a shower to cry.

    My milk never came in with my first son and I attributed it to some severe complications but now I just don't know...help please!

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    It sounds like your doing everything right mama. A lot of moms breast size doesn't change and engorgement isn't necessary for an adequete supply. His diaper output is your best indicator and it sounds like he's doing great. If your concerned some women, including myself, see an increase in supply just be eating a bowl of oatmeal. I'm sure someone else will come will more info but DS is ready for bed and being a bear so I gotta go! Good luck!

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    Default Re: So frustrated! What to do???

    Hello and ,

    to you mama. You sound so very frustrated.

    The fact that your baby is gaining weight well and diaper output is good would indicate to me that you do not have a milk supply problem. Many mothers don't feel full or engorged, especially after the first few weeks. This isn't an indicator that your milk is gone, but rather, that your post partum hormones are evening out. While it does sometimes take longer for milk to come in after a c-section, that should not be having any impact on your milk supply now. Many, many mothers have successfully, exclusively breastfed their babies after c-sections.

    You mentioned that breastfeeding is painful. Could you describe that pain more to me? It is possible that your baby has a thrush (yeast) infection in his mouth. That could be causing the fussiness and popping on and off the breast that you are describing, and it would certainly explain your pain during breastfeeding. You may be more susceptable to thrush if you or your baby have had a recent course of antibiotics, or if you are taking hormonal contraceptives. Sometimes, mothers who have cesarean births are given a course of I.V. antibiotics in the hospital without know it.

    Here is a link about diagnosing and treating thrush:

    It is very important to get your and your baby's healthcare provider involved. If it is indeed thrush, you with both need to be treated. If you feel your currect health care provider is not supportive, you could try speaking to a local IBCLC about health care providers in your area who are experienced in diagnosing and treating thrush.

    HTH. Hang In There!

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    Default Re: So frustrated! What to do???

    You already got great advice. I just wanted to offer a . The first couple of months can be very difficult. You are doing a great job.
    Melissa, mom to my very busy 4-year-old little man and super busy 2-year-old princess.

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