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Thread: 11 mth refusing milk at daycare

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    Question 11 mth refusing milk at daycare

    DD has stopped taking breast milk at daycare. Both bottle and sippy cup have both been refused.

    Some background. I went back to work at 12 weeks, DD has refused bottle from me since 10 weeks, but daycare had no problems. Exclusive BF for 6 mnths. We introduced cereal at 6 mnths and other solids at 7mnths. She has been increasing solids since. We still nurse at least 4 times a day (7 & 9pm, 2 & 6 am, maybe more during night). I still pump 2X at work. DD will take water during day, so far I have said no to juice.

    From what I read, 4 times a day is enough nursing to get enough milk. However, my daycare is very concerned about the bottle strike.
    Any suggestions/guidance? How can I reassure my caregivers?


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    Default Re: 11 mth refusing milk at daycare

    They could try playing with the temperature of the milk offered, as baby's tastes grow and mature, her desire for warm cooler milk can change, too. Most infants will eventually go back to taking expressed milk, it's much like a nursing strike.

    Maybe she'd like to suck/chew on a breast milk ice cube?

    By watching diaper output, the caregivers will be able to know that she's getting enough fluids during the day. By continuing to offer milk to baby, baby will eventually take it again.
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    Default Re: 11 mth refusing milk at daycare

    I hate to be the person to always bring this up, but maybe you are having a lipase problem. Check your milk to see how it tastes/smells.

    Maybe you could find a sippy cup that she likes?

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    Default Re: 11 mth refusing milk at daycare

    I seem to recall that my guy started drinking a lot less around this time, maybe 1 serving (3 or 4 ounces) of expressed milk a day. I think he also drank water, maybe enjoying the novelty of it. I was glad to go to pumping just once a day.

    I agree with the suggestions of the previous posters to keep an eye on the diapers and try other temps/containers. Good luck!

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