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Thread: Still having problem?

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    Default Still having problem?

    My LO is now 6 months and a week old. I think she is still going though her growth spur, but lately the past couple days, I haven't been sure if she is eating enough breastmilk vs. solid foods. Lately she will feed from me about every 2 to 3 hours and also eat solid food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and she has a lot too. I make her baby food so usually she will eat this:

    Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal, and a cube of guanaba
    Lunch: 1 cube of carrots, and 1 cube of Squash, and also 1 cube of guanaba (she really likes this fruit)
    Dinner: It is the same as lunch, just different foods.

    And she will eat it all and still be hungry so I breastfeed her too, but she still seems hungry all the time. Is it just the growth spur, or is she not getting enough breastmilk? It seems like she doesn't eat enough breastmilk, because she will only feed for like 3-4 minutes on both sides. Her wet diapers seem the same but I just don't know how to balance breastfeeding and solids. Any advice.
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    Default Re: Still having problem?

    It's normal for babies to become more efficient at the breast as they get older and stronger. As long as the diapers are good and her growth is good, you can rest assured that she is getting enough.

    How long has your baby been eating solids? Does she always get three solid meals a day?

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