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Thread: Plugged Ducts?

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    Default Plugged Ducts?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this questions, but here goes:

    How you know if you have plugged ducts and how do you treat them or "unplug" them? Last night dd (3 1/2 mo) slept from 10:30p till 6:30a and I woke up to find a pearl like bump near my nipple that hurt. Is this a plugged duct? I tried to feed her all day but she didn't eat a lot today or maybe I was just super full because I didn't get that "empty/drained" feel and still felt that bump. Any info would help...thanks!

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    Hi there,
    You don't have "recurrent" plugged ducts, as this article is about, but it does have some helpful tips.


    Anytime you miss a feeding, back off on nursing, etc., you are at risk for a plugged duct. This can happen and is fairly normal. You are probably excited that you got a long stretch of sleep, but now you have this! Don't worry, if dd is going to start sleeping regular stretches like this your body will adjust. In the meantime you can try what the article suggested.

    Without delay, get into the shower and allow a warm/hot stream of water to spray down onto your breast/breasts. Gently massage above the plugged area while doing this. Firm but gentle pressure down (above the plugged area) while dd is nursing on that side will help as well. Lots of nursing to break the plug. Warmth before nursing. Rest.

    Let us know when it gets better!

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    try the shower trick.. get into the shower and massage and express milk from that breast. it might take a few trys to get the lump.
    heres a good link

    you might want to check your bras and make sure they aren't too tight that can cause plugged ducts.
    hope you are fealing beter soon!

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    It always helped me a lot to massage that spot while dd was nursing to try and get the milk out of there...you could try that too.
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