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Thread: My poor DS struggles with oversupply

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    Default My poor DS struggles with oversupply

    I just realized I have had an oversupply for a while now, and I have been taking it out on my poor son. He had latching problems to start with, and when I finally got him breastfeeding, I thought it was great.

    At first I thought it was an undersupply.. because he'd eat small amounts sometimes, but then want to feed all afternoon to make up for it. I think the inconsistent feeding, and me not remembering which breast I used last, caused an over supply. When I thought it was an undersupply, the pediatrician thought I was crazy and wasn't concerned about the spit-ups, because he was gaining well. It's hard to explain how much he throws up/spits up, and I don't think she realized how much I meant.

    He has been struggling at the breast at times, and throwing up A LOT. He recently gained 2 lb in about 1 week. I feel really bad, because when he would struggle, especially at night when I am tired and frustrated, I would try to hold him still and get him to stay on. I did not realize that was part of the problem...

    I am just starting to block feed.

    He has also started sleeping a lot during the day, and wanting to stay up at night. I have to fix that problem, too.

    I hope things get better. My poor DS is about 2 months, and I hate that I have made him struggle with this problem since he was 2 weeks old.

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    Default Re: My poor DS struggles with oversupply

    Hi there,
    I'm having a similar problem with my 5 week old. Sometimes the milk comes so fast and furious she just can't hadle it. She cries and fusses a lot at the breast. Someone gave me this link which I found helpful.


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    Default Re: My poor DS struggles with oversupply

    I had the same problem with dd, who is now 4 mnths and doing great. What I was told, and what worked, was when she pulls off because of the fire hose, that's okay, just let her come back when she's ready. It's like that's the milk shake, and the next milk is the hamburger. Eating one doesn't affect the other, so if she waits until let down's over, that's fine. Just keep a cloth diaper or burp cloth nearby to absorb all that milk. We both ended up covered every time, but such are the joys of babies It got a lot easier as she got older and stronger, and as my body calmed down (somewhat, I still have oversupply, but it's no longer drenching). You're right not to force, because if nursing is stressful, babies can go on a nursing strike. DD spat up (and still does) A LOT, but she's very healthy, and continually gains. My LLL Leader (same one as the hamburger analogy) said the rule is happy spitting, unhappy vomiting. If dc is fine by the time you clean it up, no need to worry. If there's blood in it, or baby stops gaining, then speak with your doctor. Remember, two tablespoons looks like a lot spilled on the table! It sounds like your baby is gaining well, so, as always, watch your baby.

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