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Thread: Got my handmill soo excited, but I have a question

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    Default Got my handmill soo excited, but I have a question

    The handmill came with a mesh feeder. what on earth is that for? Is it a good tool to use? I never used one with my other two kids and they feed themselves fine. I mean what is the point if you are cubing, grinding, pureeing, or mashing food?

    Thanks for sharing. Dd1 told me (she is very worldly for her age...) it is a special paci for babies like sister. I asked what does she mean. She said babies who are too little for big people food but too big for baby food. I said awww so that is what this thing is.....LOL Is she right?
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    Default Re: Got my handmill soo excited, but I have a question

    It's just a fun thing for them to chew on. Some moms use it for teething babies. I use it to get pears in ds just about everyday, although bananas are his fave. He loves it and makes the funniest noises with it. I also like to have it around when he and I are out and about. It's the closest thing to a pacifier he's ever really taken.

    Some people complain that it's difficult to clean. If you think about it, what stuff of baby's is easy to keep clean? I just wash it by hand. If there's extra gunk left on it, I either let it soak in soapy water and try again or I use the small baby bottle brush-no problem.
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