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Thread: 15 month old only wants "milk milk"

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    Default 15 month old only wants "milk milk"

    hi, my 15 month old is an avid nurser. Probably nurses about 10 times a day. My question is- he doesn't eat much of anything else. I try everyday to give him things to eat- veggies, fruit, . . . he does like cheerios, carrots (cooked of course) pretzals that is about it that he REALLY likes. At times he will eat some wheat bread, peas, beans, corn, watermelon. . . I plan on weaning him by around 2 years old but am afraid he willbe starving at night since he barely eats anything durning the day. I know i would be hungary if i only ate what he is eating.

    ALso he has a HUGE gag reflex. Lots of times he throws up what he has eaten because it tickles this throat. DOes matter if it is hard or soft or mushy or whatever.

    ANy suggestions.

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    Default Re: 15 month old only wants "milk milk"

    Hi Logans Mama,

    I would consider talking to his pedi about the gag reflex. If he has such a strong one, where he throws up like that, it could be why he is not eating. It has nothing to do with your breastfeeding, just seems as though he has some aversions. I would ask your pedi for a swallowing evaluation, which would be done by a speech therapist, and go from there.

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    Default Re: 15 month old only wants "milk milk"

    Boy can I relate!!! My 17 month old wants to nurse constantly! When I say constantly, I mean he can finish nursing, go to a task and an hour later want to nurse again. He nurses ~4-5 times a night, often going back and forth between breasts! I haven't slept for ever!

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    Default Re: 15 month old only wants "milk milk"

    Hi logans_mama,
    You might find some articles in here helpful, maybe "Living on Air?", "A Slow Start to Solids", or "Children's Eating Problems"?

    Starting Solids



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