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    I don't even know if this is a problem or not - my LO is 7 mo. and up until this point i've been able to pump between 4 & 6 oz in the mornings. I haven't been experiencing a full feeling or a "let-down" feeling for about a month now, and now I can only pump about an ounce a day. I know the baby is getting enou, but do you think the supply will keep diminishing? I'm worried that eventuallpy I won't have any leftover supply to pump....

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    Are you pumping for work or school?

    If your baby is getting plenty of milk at the breast, no worries about how much milk you can pump. Many mothers notice that as the months pass, the amount they can easily pump decreases, while the amounts their babies take in is constant. (Did that make sense? It did when I was thinking it. )

    Here's some info that explains:
    http://www.workandpump.com/6month.htm (the part about milk intake isn't exactly based on fact--studies have shown that breastfed babies' intake stays almost constant from about 3-4 months on and breastmilk intake decreases with the introduction of solid food)

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