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Thread: What size should finger/table foods be?

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    Question What size should finger/table foods be?

    DD is 7.5 mos and a great eater. She's eating purees 2xs a day and is enjoying puffs and toasts. I want to start giving her some table food to try, but I'm not sure how big/small to make the pieces. Last night we tried cooked potato and carrot (we were having our Irish dinner yum!). DH was freaked that the pieces were too big but when I made them smaller DD either mushed them to oblivion in her hand or couldn't get any in her mouth. She has mastered picking up puffs from her tray and gumming them. Is puffs the right size for table foods? I thought I read french fry size was good for them to be able to hold on to? I have bananas and canned peaches (in juice not syrup) on hand that I just don't know how to cut up.
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    Default Re: What size should finger/table foods be?

    Start small and go bigger. Alot of the food seems to just get mussed up in their hands in the beginning and this is fine. Especially, when they're still using the raking grasp instead of the pincher grasp. KWIM? I would quarter my banana slices in the beginning and go with about that size on other things. That seemed to work for us.
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    Default Re: What size should finger/table foods be?

    my dd is 9.5 months old and I do pea size for table foods and they have to be soft enough to gum and mush up in her mouth. Keira has a really good pincer grasp but she plays with the food as well as eating it and mushes stuff up on the tray.. I agree- start super small and increase as long as your lo tolerates it.

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