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Thread: solids icreasing reflux?

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    Default solids icreasing reflux?

    andrew is now 7 months old, he has started solids- some days he will eat the whole ice cube amount, others he won't take a bite. so far, i have offered avacodo (his favorite), sweet potatoes, and banana. i make fresh foods. at his last appt with pediatric gi specialist, he insisted that after 6 months, bm "looses its nutritional content and he needs it from solids" i just ignored that comment, my concern now is that he has been having way more reflux episodes since starting solids, and lately he screams when he sees the spoon...i can't even get a bite in him, my husband won't even try to feed him. he is far from malnurished (22.8 lbs and 29 1/2 inches at visit few weeks ago). i am scared to ask dr, i know he will say-pump and add cereal. any good articles about bm nutritional quality after 6 months, reflux and solids, and delaying solids? thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: solids icreasing reflux?

    My baby girl, who is turning 7 months tomorrow, also suffers from severe reflux. We haven't yet started solids, and I'm so afraid of the possibility of her reflux getting worse when we do so (we're going to try avacado this weekend). Let me know what you find out!

    I found this web site very helpful for a lot of information, including the page on "Why Delay Solids," and I have used it for many nay-sayers who criticize me for not offering my "poor" baby "REAL food," ... only breast milk thus far. I was told many times to try cereal in formula, etc.

    Why Delay Solids
    What About Thickened Feeds?

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    Default Re: solids icreasing reflux?

    I think I would cut out the solids and try again later if they are bothering his tummy/reflux.
    good luck

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    Default Re: solids icreasing reflux?

    you may try this site for more info on reflux and solids. http://www.reflux.org/

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