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Thread: Is it normal?

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    Default Is it normal?

    My 11 week old baby is having one very very huge dirty poo diaper about once every 24 to 36 hours. Is it normal? In between, he only has wet diapers but no poo at all. When he was younger, he used to have a few dirty diapers every day. He's feeding well though... Should i be worried?

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    Yup. Sounds normal to me. The pooping slows down at about that age usually. DS pooped after every meal in the beginning and now at 5.5 months has one big one a day. You'll find other mommies on here whose babies go waaaaay longer than that, sometimes up to 2 weeks. This is common in EBF babies. As long as the poop is the right color and consistency, it's alright.

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    my DS didn't poop all too often in the begining and still now he dosn't poop all that much BUT it's always the right color and consistansy. Also, if he hasn't gone in a while he will let out a B I G one

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