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    My ds is 5 weeks old and seems to be very gassy. I am wondering if anyone knows how long it takes after I have eaten something for it to show up in my breastmilk . I am trying to figure out if it is something that I have eaten that bothers him. I was reading about a forceful let down and this also sounds like him. The DR said that he has reflux but I am thinking that the forceful let down sounds more accurate. Would that make him gassy as well?? Thanks so much!!

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    Yes, if he is getting only foremilk that could make him gassy. With forceful letdown he would be taking in too much air to keep up with the fast flow. May be lean back and let him suck instead of it pouring down

    Lactation cosultant told me a 6hr window for stuff to get into BM. It is in milk usually after 2hrs and upto 6hrs.

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    agree w/ pp! I just eliminated things such as dairy, onions, garlic, broccli, cabbage, colliflower. Then slowly re-introduced them.

    You can also try some Mylecon drops. We took up stock in this stuff as dd was one of the gassiest babies I had ever seen!
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    Hi mama,
    There is a normal period where babies learn how to expel gas and waste. 3- 6 weeks old (roughly). This physiological process is brand new to them and they seem to over exert while learning. You can see face scrunching, and popping on and off the boob. Here is a useful article on the gastro-colic reflex: http://www.babycareadvice.com/babyca...icle.php?id=41 Some ideas that may help are bicycling the legs, gently pressing the knees towards the chest (helps wriggle out the gas ) and some tummy rubbing.

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    Here's some info on OALD and what you can do to make things better. http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.htmlPersonally, I would focus on burping him well and helping him cope with OALD and not worry about your diet right now. Chances are that's not the culprit.

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    Also, gripe water is supposed to be great for gassy babies. You can find it ay your pharmacy or drugstore.com
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