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Thread: spelt, corn

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    anybody has info on spelt? here where I live it's the only puffed cereal I can find besides wheat... but I think it is not one of the "good" wheat cereal (lke oat), isn't it? I would like to give some cereals to DS but cheerios here come only with honey, and he has "rice" already with rice cakes, so I wanted to try something else... but spelt and whole wheat are the only natural, non sweetened puffed cereal I can find...
    and: I would like to give him some pasta (hey, we are italians after all) but the pasta without glutin has corn in it... isn't it corn also something to wait after one year?

    DS is almost 11 mo (in 1 week), what are your opinions on spelt and corn?
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    Default Re: spelt, corn

    Both spelt and corn can be introed after 12 months, like wheat.

    Out of the 3, I'd pick spelt as it's more nutritious and easier to digest. Corn doesn't have much nutritional value.

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