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Thread: Milk coming down from the nose??

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    Default Milk coming down from the nose??

    I've noticed the last few times when I'm nursing my LO there's some milk running down from her nose while she's feeding.
    I have OALD could this be the reason for this? Have any of you dealt with a similar situation?

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    Default Re: Milk coming down from the nose??

    Yes, I have! Trying to keep up with the sudden gush of milk is hard work. So, it may go up instead of down the throat. It's alright though. No probs as a result.

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    Default Re: Milk coming down from the nose??

    Owen had milk out his nose more than a few times too. He's fine, just watch you may want to bulb it if he is getting congested . We only had to once.
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    Default Re: Milk coming down from the nose??

    My LO had lots of milk drip out of his nose at first. Still does sometimes, especially when he's lying down (cradle hold or nursing in bed). I call it his pressure relief valve. It has never caused any trouble. I haven't had to suction his nose at all. A month or so ago he had a cold, and when I nursed him lying down, the milk cleared his nose out so he could breathe through his nose much better.

    I just put a washcloth under the "downhill" side when we nurse to keep the dripping from making a mess.
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