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Thread: Prune juice?

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    Default Prune juice?

    Don't know if this belongs here, but we're almost on the 6th day of no poopy diapers .. DCP suggested giving him a little bit of baby prune juice at home, to help stimulate his bowels.

    Any word on whether or not this would be OK? DS will be 4 months on the 28th.

    If no prune juice, are there any other ways to stimulate his bowels? So far I've tried tummy massages and pushing his legs into his stomach, and I've also had to take his temperature so I used a rectal thermometer on him.

    I know it's okay for him not to poop for up to 7 days, but what happens if that 7th day hits and there's STILL no poop in sight?
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    Default Re: Prune juice?

    Have you already started solids? If so what? I need just a little more info before I reply.

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    If your baby is still solely on breast milk (no food or anything else) then I don't think you need to worry about no poops in 6 days; time between poops doesn't indicate constipation in an EBF baby, hard poops do. "Dr. Jack Newman's Guide to Breastfeeding" says he's heard of BF babies going as long as 15 days without a poop with no medical problems! Mine regularly goes a week between BMs. So long as the poop, when it comes, comes out normal looking and not solid, black or bloody, then no worries!
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    Default Re: Prune juice?

    My 2 Mo only poops every 6 day or so. He's not bothered one bit about it. I think as long as your LO pees regularly, doesn't seems to have to much digestive pain and that when he does poop it comes out normal then everything is OK.

    Here's a quote from http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/gassybaby.html

    Babies who skip several days between stools tend to be gassier. Older breastfed babies (after the first 6-8 weeks) can go several days without a stool. Ten days or more is not uncommon! The long periods between stools in a baby who is obviously thriving is not a cause for concern if the baby's abdomen remains soft, baby is content and alert, and the stool is soft and profuse if several days have gone by. "

    "Anything that baby is eating/drinking other than mother's milk, including vitamins, formula, teas, medications or herbs, solids, juice. Any substance (other than breastmilk) has a much greater potential to increase gassiness rather than reduce it. "

    Personally I find it quite handy to deal with only one poopy diaper a week - but he sure makes it up with stinky farts!

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