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Thread: will offering a cup make my supply low?

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    Default will offering a cup make my supply low?

    DD is about 5 months old and BF is going WAY better than I could have dreamed. So good that I am scared of offering sippy cups. I don't want her to fill up so she wont want to nurse. And I don't know what to put in the cup (BM/water?) When I formula fed the boys I gave a sippy cup with a meal, but I don't want to spoon feed her until about 6 months, so should I just not offer a cup until then? I am scared that my milk supply will change and I will regret the cup.
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    Default Re: will offering a cup make my supply low?

    my LO never took a bottle, and I started him on a sippy cup around 5 months. I would just use a hand pump, and put a little bit in the cup (a couple sips) and get him use to holding it and sipping from it. It didn't affect my supply or his nursing at all. HTH!

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    Default Re: will offering a cup make my supply low?

    My LO is also 5 months old and won't take a bottle. I think what I'm going to do is introduce the sippy cup when he's 6 months old and we start solids. I'll just offer the cup w/water in it when I'm giving him solids. As far as supply goes, I'm going to nurse him just as I do now and before offering solids.
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