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Thread: Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

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    Default Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

    My daughter is 3 weeks old. I'll highlight my issues below.

    1. She was not latching on. I saw a lactation consultant one week after her birth at my hospital. I could not let her not eat for that week so I pumped and bottle fed breastmilk to her. They had me use a nipple shield for retracting nipples. She seemed to do ok nursing?

    2. I can't get her to wean off the nipple shield. She is always putting her hands in the way. She pulls the nipple shield off. She gets really frustrated.

    3. She nurses and still seems hungry not even an hour later. She will be rooting around and get real fussy with what I believe is the hunger cry. She will then nurse, but I don't think she is very effective or strong at it? Occassionally she falls asleep.

    4. My milk supply seems low. I used to pumpe 2 oz's per breast in 7 minutes. Now I pump 1/2 oz on left and barely 1 oz on right. Is this because she was not demanding as much (and why she seemed hungry)?

    5. I did supplement formula the past two days and feel guilty. I hate formula. I don't know what to do and now my stress is taking over. She is real content on the formula. Can go 2-3 hours without needing to feed again and finally sleeps. On the breast she is alwasy hungry and rooting and restless.

    6. Plenty of wet diapers, tinge of yellow once in awhile. She does not have regular poops. She has gone 2 days with no poop before she poops. Then it was still mustard color, now it is yellow-brown and more firm. I am hoping that is only the formula I supplemented the past two days.

    I want to do nothing but BF but this is not working. I am very upset over it and need help. I'll seek help in my area. I don't know what to do and do not want to give it up. Does co sleeping clotheless work for the milk supply????

    Any help would really make me happy.

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    Default Re: Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

    Hi! My daughter is also 3 weeks old and seems to have the same problem with being fussy and eating 10 -15 min (most of the time), unlatching, crying, hitting, restless Others moms seem to have the same problem as us at this age so I guess it isn't only us. I don't have advise for you since I'm in the same boat but wanted to let you know that you're not the only one.

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    Default Re: Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

    The pooping problem is most likely from the formula. I had to supplement the first five days and it took her over 36 hrs. to poop. I also had to use the shield from the very beginning. I had the same problem you did with her hitting it and ripping it off. I finally got sick of it and one day I took it off pulled my nipple out and she latched on and we never looked back. I know its been 3 weeks but you are still getting used to each other. Stick with it it will happen. I know it took me a good 7-8 weeks to get a consistant milk supply and eating schedule. Looking back the first 4 weeks were very eratic some times nursing every hour. I know formula can be tempting but in the long run BF is easier. You have the drive and ambition to BF, I think if you just give it time you'll get it. I think this is the time where a lot of mothers give up, I know I thought abou it once or twice. But, the end of the difficulty is really just around the corner. Keep it up, your daughter will thank you later. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

    Congratulations on your baby and on your desire to bf exclusively.

    The first thing I want to mention is that three weeks is prime time for a growth spurt. During growth spurts many babies not only want to nurse every hour, they need to to build up your supply. You can't compare a bf baby to an ff baby. Formula takes longer to digest which is why they can go longer between feedings, but this is actually a sign that their digestive system is having a harder time handling it- also causes the poop issues.

    If you do have a supply issue the absolute best thing to do is nurse your baby as often as possible. And definitely get the help of your local LLL leader, they are wonderful!

    As for the shield, we used one in the early days and I worried we'd be stuck with that thing forever, but we were able to wean off it easily when the time was right. If she is pulling it off that is a different story, but if she will nurse with it just go ahead and use it for now. Things change so quickly with these little ones! Have you tried swaddling her with her arms down so she can't pull off the shield?

    You may already know this too but if you supplement with formula you need to make sure to pump extra to make sure your body receives the message to make more milk.

    Are you still having problems with inverted nipples? If so then I would reiterate the helpfulness of a nipple shield in your situation.

    Pumping 4 oz is a lot, especially if it was after a feeding. Even 1.5 ounces is respectable. Remember you baby is more efficient than the pump. Do you feel letdown when she is nursing? Can you hear her swallowing?

    You are smart to be paying attention to her diapers. You need at least 5-6 wet and at three weeks old you should be seeing at least 3-4 poopy diapers per day the size of a US quarter or bigger. However, the formula is probably messing up those poops. Not enough poops is a sign that she might not be getting enough, but you can remedy this by nursing more and more. Try to put aside anything you might have heard about babies eating every three hours- that is totally not accurate for the vast, vast majority of bf babies. My son nursed every two hours for his entire first 12 mo. Some women have a large capacity for storing some milk and some of us need to nurse more often to make enough milk for our little ones.

    Keep us posted and definitely call your local leader asap!

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    Default Re: Please help. I truly want to BF exclusively.

    Okay, from reading all of your questions, I'd say your main issue is weaning off the nipple shield, since it sounds like you want to.

    It's normal for babies to eat a lot more than every 2-3 hours. Usually newborns are the happiest attached to mama Keep feeding on demand, don't worry about getting things done around the house yet, just feed feed feed, this will also stimulate your milk supply. To me though, it doesn't sound like you have a supply problem since you are getting plenty of wet diapers...maybe someone can let you know how many poops you should be getting... I can't remember. BUT, pumping is NOT an indicator of your milk supply as baby is way better than any ol' pump. For now, I'd stay away from formula b/c it's a vicious cycle. Really, it sounds like you are doing okay. Maybe talk to a lactation consultant...a lot of times they'll do phone consultations, or find a local LLL leader. Keep up the good work!!

    BTW: I'm not the one to ask about NS weaning, since we still use one most of the time But I know the key is to be consistent...start w/ it on, wait a while, then take it off and latch baby back on. Keep doing this every time. If you baby starts to cry, don't fight just put it back on...you want nursing to be a pleasurable experience for both of you

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