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Thread: Is this normal?????

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    Default Is this normal?????

    Hello everyone and thank you for all of your support and advice. I have a question. My LO is 12 weeks old and is doing well, but I have noticed that he spits up A LOT when I breastfeed him. He doesn't spit up when given a bottle at daycare (I had to return to work part-time). Why is he spitting up with nursing? I thought that babies swallow less air while nursing than bottle feeding? Also, how do I know if I'm giving him enough milk in the bottles??? Will he act hungry if he wants more? We've been preparing 4 ounce bottles and giving extra frozen milk in case it's needed, but he is only taking 3 4-ounce bottles in 10 hours and is NOT nursing more than usual in the evening once we get home. I know there is alot of information here, but I just want him to get enough milk. (The past 2 days we've had several poops and 5-7 wet diapers per day). Thank you for any help that you can offer.

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    Sounds like he has plenty of wet/poopy diapers. Is he acting hungry (fussing) after he finishes the bottle or finishes nursing? He will let you know if he's hungry.

    spitting up could be a food sensitivity, but if he's not spitting up with the bottle, it might have to do with the milk flow too. Here is a link with some info on what it could be.


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    First of all it sounds like his wet and poopy diapers are adequate, so that is good. Is he gaining weight as far as you know? Is he meeting his milestones?

    Do you have any idea if you may have an overactive let-down? This means the milk comes out really fast when you have your let-down. If you do, your baby could be swallowing a lot of air during nursing but not bottle feeding. You might be able to tell you have this is he tends to choke sometimes or pull off and you see milk spraying out.

    My only other suggestions would be to burp frequently during the feedings and nurse in more upright positions and keep your baby still and upright for a while after feedings.

    It's not uncommon for babies not to drink a lot at daycare, but they do usually make up for it when they are back with mom. How many feedings does he have with you at home? Have you considered co-sleeping so you can nurse more frequently at night but without disturbing your sleep too much?

    You're doing a great job just being aware of what is normal and of course wanting to make sure your baby is thriving. Keep us posted.

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