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Thread: iam i feeding him too much ?

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    Default iam i feeding him too much ?

    iam lost
    here's my 8 month old's day
    breakfast baby cereal (not sure how much) its rice mixed with juice

    lunch one contanier veggies one container fruit

    dinner one container meat dinner one container fruit

    and i nurse him through out the day and then some snacks like gerber finger foods or baby toast with juice
    i nurse him at least 5 (i think) or more times is that too little ? and too much food ?
    i talked to his ped/nurse the other day and she said that i sounds like he's doing ok. but my problem is he doesnt ever show signs that he is full even after the second jar of food . and the thought that has been going through my mind is that has he just grown use to being over fed ?
    just about a month ago i couldnt even feed him 1/4 of a jar or he would spit up . the more baby food i feed him the better he sleeps iam worried and lost
    the nurse did even really help me is it too much food? and not enough bm


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    Default Re: iam i feeding him too much ?

    At that age my daughter all of a sudden went from eating an once of jarred food at a time to eating 4oz. and then uped her meals to 4 meals a day and 5-6oz. of food at a time. I swear she would eat all day long if I let her. If he is crawing and/or very active I don't think you have to worry about overeating. If he is very rolly and not very mobile I would cut back of food and BF more. I only BF now ~6 times a day. I don't think babies overeat at this age. Remeber babies eat for fuel, so if he wants it he must need it.
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