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Thread: Getting enough breastmilk?

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    Question Getting enough breastmilk?

    My son is a super spitter upper, basically since he was born, yet somehow last appointment at 4 months he was 19 1/2 pds so I'm really not worried about weight gain. He is 5 months now, and I'm sure pushing 21 pds or so.

    However, since I have started him on solids, he is eating much less breastmilk. Basically it goes like this, 3am is his middle of the night feeding (thank god we got those down to one per night!), then 8am, then 11am, then he has about 2-2.5 oz of fruit for lunch around 12:30, then he BF again at around 3-4, then dinner around 5-6, of about 2-2.5oz of veggies/meats, then a small feeding (usually only one side) around 7, then again at 8:30 then he sleeps till 3 and the cycle starts over.

    so he's not quite getting 6 feedings (which is what I always see they should still be getting 6-8 feedings per day)

    Should I really worry?

    I'd BF him more but if I BF him within an hour-hour and a half before or after his solids, he jus spits up everywhere, and on top of it, doesn't seem to want to eat. I had to coax him to eat, so now I'm just kind of feeding on demand like I did in the beginning, but it seems to follow an exact schedule everyday.

    I guess my worries are that hes getting the nutrients still from breastmilk that he really needs or should I somehow work in more feedings? Is it ok to follow his lead with this?

    Also, I do give him cereal sometimes, but not nearly as much as some people say to. (I've seen people recommend 1/4 cup twice a day at this age, which is very very excessive to me) Should I be giving him more for more iron? Or is it true that breastfed babies usually do fine without the iron in cereal? Experience with not giving cereal?

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    Default Re: Getting enough breastmilk?

    I hate to tell you this but it sounds like the solids are what is making him spit up.

    You said, "I'd BF him more but if I BF him within an hour-hour and a half before or after his solids, he jus spits up everywhere"

    So why give him solids at all? He doesn't need them at 5 months and if they're just making him spit up and not want to nurse they are doing more harm than good.

    Feel free to stop giving him solids now and wait a month or two or three and then try again. 5 month olds do not need solids. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nothing NO solids until 6 months.
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    Default Re: Getting enough breastmilk?

    Nah, he's been spitting up since birth. Mostly it seems, because he doesn't know when to stop eating and overfills himself.

    My meaning was, when I try to work in more BF, it ends up just being too much food for him and he spits up the solids. It's not that their the actual cause. Actually, he rarely spits up the solids as long as he was BF at least 2 hours prior.

    The reason I started solids was because he was doing all the reaching for my food, showing a lot of interest, etc etc. I just felt he was ready, and he absolutely enjoys it.

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