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Thread: Need some encouragement

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    Once again, everyone is full of amazing advice and encouragement and for that I am truly grateful and feel incredibly blessed to have found this place!

    So it was a down day. Or week. Or whatever you want to call it. Relactatingmom - you're right. I was tired. I took a few days off. I'm ready to get back at it now. My husband, I thought he was going to tell me enough is enough. He's been so supportive. He's been amazing. He keeps telling me I can't quit now and look how far we have come. He's perfect.

    My son... AHH... He's being very frustrating right now. But a different kind of frustrating. All of a sudden he REFUSES the bottle. He screams when my husband puts it to his lips. And everytime milk starts flowing through the SNS he spits it out. He used to nurse with the SNS just fine. Perfectly. Now he wants nothing to do with it - but only when milk starts flowing through it. He'll suck for hours if its in his mouth but as soon as he starts to get something, he spits it out. I don't know what to do. I need to feed him. I know from my meeting with the LC last week that I don't have enough milk yet. I don't know HOW to feed him when he rejects both forms of being fed aside from me..... Anyone have any ideas???????


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    Okay, my first thought is that maybe he really does not need the supplement. The LC said that he gained the minimum that is needed. Someone has to gain the minimum. Maybe he won't take the formula because he is truly NOT hungry for more. Someone's baby has to be in the 3%, 5%, 10%, etc. These are all normal percentiles. And I am speaking from experience here. My husband is 6'4, I am 5'10 and we have children in the 10-50%. Go figure! I have 5 lb and 6 lb babies -- and I eat lots of high calorie foods trying to gain weight in my pregnancies!!!!

    If you are certain that is not it, then here are a few ideas. My son decided that he hated formula after he started nursing (because he preferred the taste of my milk). I didn't have enough milk, so this caused a big problem. I wanted to give him my milk first (in a bottle) and then add formula to top him off. But if I did this, he would have nothing to do with the formula. So, for a while, I had to mix them so that he did not reject the formula. (He looked at me like, "No, give me the good stuff!!! Don't you understand that I DON'T want this nasty formula!!!" It killed me and made me proud at the same time.) Will your son take ebm in the sns or bottle or does he just reject formula? It could be the taste.

    What about temperature? Have you tried warming the supplement to body temp?

    The other question is are you using the slowest flow tubing on your SNS? I think the red is the slowest, but I may be confussed. Also, adjust the SNS so that the container is at or slightly below nipple level to reduce the flow. And last, you can adjust the amount of air by screwing and unscrewing the lid. This can help you find the right flow for baby.

    Shortly after I got baby back to the breast, he refused the bottle, too. He became a breast junkie.

    I would trust your baby more than the scale. If he is hungry, he will take more. If he won't take more, I would nurse and nurse and nurse and nurse. That alone will build supply.

    My son gulped down the supplement when he needed it. When he didn't, he let me know.

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    How are his diapers, could be that he really doesn't need the supplement any more?

    I'm really in much the same boat you are with my daughter. She was also totally refusing bottles and the Lact-Aid, and did so for 24 hours, and just now finally took 3 oz in a bottle. But her diapers have been really wet, so I have to trust that she knew better than I did when she really needed the supplement.

    ((( Hugs )))

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