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Thread: Apple Juice????

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    Default Apple Juice????

    Note: I dont know if this is the right section. If not sorry!!

    I used to be a HUGE soda drinker. But when I got pregnant I CRAVED water and Apple Juice. Now that I am nursing I am Thursty 24/7 So I drink my weight in Water and Apple Juice.

    I was wondering if Apple Juice effects babys BM when nursing. Let me rephrase that, If I drink a lot of apple juice, does it go through to my son and cause watery BMs or is just because he is so young? (He is 3 weeks and 2 days)

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    Default Re: Apple Juice????

    I would think it's just because he's so young. Are they still yellow or are they green?

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    Default Re: Apple Juice????

    I don't know about the apple juice affecting his BMs, but I know that it can cause gas. Right after I gave birth, all I wanted was apple juice for some reason and I drank a lot of it while I was still in the bed... the next day, my LO had a lot of gas issues and the nurses said it could be from the juice...

    I'm sure it also had a lot to do with being "new", but just sharing what the nurses said. HTH!

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    Default Re: Apple Juice????

    Is it causing him to have a lot of gas as well?

    I would think that the watery bm is just because he is such a young little thing. I remember Caitlyn's were very watery for the longest time and I didn't drink any apple juice.
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    Default Re: Apple Juice????

    Ok thanks ladies!

    Yes he is Gassy but not too bad. He gets gas drops with each feeding and its not so bad. I think most of that is because he fefused to burp for the first weeks. Now He is a burping machine and the gas is way better. But what male isn't gassy? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mommyofmyboys View Post
    But what male isn't gassy? lol

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