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Thread: Growth Spurt? Please help!

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    Default Growth Spurt? Please help!

    Hello Ladies! I thought I would try to see if you have any suggestions before contacting my local LLL. My daughter is 3 weeks and 5 days old. She used to eat for about 30 minutes and pull off happily. Now for the past about 4 days she eats for about 10 minutes about 2-3 hours (except at night where she eats for 20-30 min) unlatches herself and cries, I put her back on and within seconds she does it again. She does this about 3-5 times within the feeding and then I'll give her her pacifier and she will take that, fall asleep and in about 2 hours be awake again and eat for 10 minutes. She has a lot of dirty diapers and is gaining weight but I don't understand why she doesn't want to eat like she did and when she is eating for the 10 minutes her arms are just swinging, then she turns bright red, unlatches and starts to cry. Is this a growth spurt, did I eat something that she doesn't like, does she now not like the breast? Any advice would be great! Thank you!

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    Maybe she is just getting better at geting the milk out faster! That seems about the age my LO started doing the same thing.
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    My LO did the same thing around that age and I think it was because I had overactive letdown. She would hit me with her fists and unlatch repeatedly. But there were also other symptoms, like gasping and choking on the milk.

    Also, if the flow is too slow for your LO, that could be it too... sometimes they will latch and unlatch over and over to stimulate another letdown.

    But, like the pp said, it could be she is just getting more efficient and just wants to comfort suck at that point, getting mad when milk is still coming out. That could explain why she takes the pacifier so well at that point instead of rejecting it.

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    Default Re: Growth Spurt? Please help!

    My son started nursing for 5 minutes or less per feeding at 3 weeks. i thought it was insane and that there was no way he was getting enough, but he was. it's hard to just trust that our babies will nurse when they need to, but they know what they need. from that point on he ate every two hours for about 5 minutes for the rest of the first year of his life. keep counting those diapers and trust your instincts and trust your baby!

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