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Thread: Enough Calcium?

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    Default Enough Calcium?

    I nurse my 14 mo DS 4 times per day and once every night around 2 am. He's never had cow's milk or yogurt and will eat string cheese only a few times a week. He was very sensitive to any dairy I consumed when he was an infant, so I never push dairy on him.

    Is he getting enough calcium from the BM?

    I've tried to google for the calcium amounts in breastmilk, but can't come up with anything very good. I think the daily calcium requirement is 700 mg for 1year olds, but I can't find info. on how much calcium there is in breastmilk (plus I don't know how many oz. he's getting.)

    Any ideas??

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    Human milk averages 200-340 mg/liter [Hamosh 1991, Riordan & Auerbach 1999], or 5.9-10.1 mg/oz calcium. 67% of this calcium is absorbed by the body [Riordan & Auerbach 1999].

    Infant formulas contain 15.6 mg/oz calcium; toddler formulas contain 24-27 mg/oz calcium. Extra calcium is added to infant formulas because of the lower bioavailability of the calcium from formulas as compared to human milk (they aim for baby to absorb the same amount of calcium as would be absorbed from breastmilk).

    Whole milk contains 291 mg/8 oz [PDF Nutrient Content of Select Dairy Foods from the National Dairy Council], or 36.4 mg/oz calcium. 25-30% of cow's milk is absorbed by the body [Calcium Counseling Resources: Absorption / Utilization Issues from the National Dairy Council].

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    Default Re: Enough Calcium?

    heres a list of foods form that link that are high in calcium but not diary
    maybe he likes some of them.
    If your baby (or you) is allergic to cow's milk proteins, make sure you read the labels on any packaged foods to ensure that there are no "hidden dairy" ingredients.

    * breastmilk (studies have shown that breastfed babies get plenty of calcium, even if mom doesn't eat dairy products)
    * dark greens: broccoli, spinach, collards, kale, turnips, bok choy, parsley, mustard, dandelion
    * tofu and other soy products
    * beans: chickpeas/garbanzo beans, navy beans, pinto beans,
    * nuts & seeds: sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, filberts/hazelnuts, cashews, nut butters, tahini, walnuts
    * sea vegetables: nori, kombu, wakame, agar-agar
    * grains: tapioca, quinoa, tortillas
    * seafood/fish: shrimp, salmon with bones, mackerel with bones, sardines with bones
    * herbs: borage, lamb's quarter, wild lettuce, nettles, burdock, yellow dock
    * calcium-fortified orange juice
    * Total cereal (calcium fortified)
    * Gerber Graduate juices (calcium fortified)
    * Sunny Delight Calcium orange drink (calcium fortified)
    * Rice milk (calcium fortified)

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