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Thread: Pumping to Increase??

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    Default Pumping to Increase??

    I have tried nursing her all the time. I've tried pumping as much as I can and nothing seems to be working.

    For those who increase supply with pumping did you pump the same time every day? Every 2 hours? Every hour? It seems that I end up leaking out about 1/2 to 3/4 of an oz. I grabbed a bottle once while I was feeding her and that is what leaked out. I pumped this morning and I got more about 1oz per side. I normally get 1/2oz per side. I know my supply isnt where it needs to be. If she has a 3oz bottle of EBM she is fine. If I nurse her and give her 1 oz of BM after that she is fine. I am taking fenugreek, blessed thistle, and domperidone. I am taking 15 capsules of fenugreek a day and I do NOT smell like syrup, should I up the dose??

    Also, this is my dumb question of the day. I ended up getting stranded without the baby a few days ago and was away from her for 7 hours. I had no pump and nothing to express milk into. WHen I got home I pumped out 4oz between both. If I pumped out that much and I emptied both breasts, why doesnt the body think I need that much and make more?

    I know the biggest thing is she is getting some bm, but when I go out I don't want to have to nurse her and follow up with a bottle. It would be to hard. I don't know, Im getting frustrated.

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    Default Re: Pumping to Increase??

    I dont know if I understood your question... Did you ask how does the body knows how much milk you need and how much more to make????? If that is what you asked and If I am not wrong is base on how much you removed..... This is funny, If I dont pump in a period of 6-8 hours next time I pump my body will produce about 1oz less ..... to bring it up I pump every hour... sometimes I am swamp at work or weekends cleaning the house so I dont nurse or pump for that period normally Mondays are my bring up days I pump like crz ...... I dont know if I explain myself well ....

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