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Thread: 9 month check up today

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    Smile 9 month check up today

    I wanted to just share a bit of our visit today with ds's ped.

    When he started solids at 5 mo, we started with the traditional route of baby cereal (dry flakes in a box) with bm. As he ate more of this, he had more and more problems with constipation. I was worried about his not getting enough iron if I was still ebf (which I was) and slowly introducing fruits and veggies, so we continued until 7mo out of fear of low iron. Then I had enough of battling the constipation and stopped with the cereal.

    Well, at today's 9mo check-up, she asked if he was eating the cereal and I told her that he was not and why. She didn't seem to have a problem with that at all. I asked to have his iron level (hemoglobin, I think) checked just to reassure us that he wasn't deficient. They checked and he was at 11.5. I asked what the normal range is and she said that they like to see it above 11, so ds was just fine.

    I haven't been good about taking my vitamins (never have been, really), so I think that if I'm better about that, he may get more through my bm. She was glad that I am planning to do at least 18 months of bf. She asked if I was planning of giving him cow's milk at 12 mo, and I told her that we're considering it.

    She also asked about vitamin D drops. I told her that until ds had a wide variety of foods in his diet which contain vitamin d, we'll give the drops to him. She said that is another good reason for me to take my vitamins. She did encourage me to continue the drops since we spend sooooo many months indoors. (We're in northern Maine and it's usually too cold to even go outside, much less, stay outdoors.) I think this is why she asked about ds's drinking cow's milk for the added vitamin d.

    So, I know many of us have weighed the pros and cons of using cereal. For my ds, I'm glad we gave it up. It was the right choice for us. They weren't going to do the iron level test until 12 months, so I'm glad that I pushed them to do it today. It confirmed for me that we're on the right track. If in the future we're blessed with another child, I think we'll skip the whole baby cereal thing.

    Just some food for thought...
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    Default Re: 9 month check up today

    Thanks for posting this. I am like you were a few months ago, letting LO experiment w/ solids a few times a week. I would have waited if I could have done it over but what's done is done and I'm just concentrating on BF for at least one year. It's good you know your story.
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