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Thread: Constipation after start rice cereal

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    Default Constipation after start rice cereal

    I've recently started my 5 1/2 mo on rice cereal. He was doing well with it and pooping regularly (pretty much every day). All of a sudden he hasn't gone for 4 days. Has anyone experienced this? I put a little prune juice in some rice cereal this morning but he still has not gone. Anyone know of any other remedies?

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    Default Re: Constipation after start rice cereal

    Happens to my Lo too. I skip cereals for a day or so until my LO poops. I giver her only BM, fruits and veggies. Once she goes I add the cereal back again back again.

    My ped said I could add Oats and she wont be constipated. I did that as well. But event that is iron fortified so not sure how it helps.

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