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Thread: what table foods did you give first?

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    Default what table foods did you give first?

    just wondering what table foods did you give your lo first? and at what age? (foods that are not mushy like mashed patatoes etc).

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    Default Re: what table foods did you give first?

    Well we didn't really start solids till 8 months or so... my lo pretty much wont eat purees except applesauce so she gets 99% table food.. of the 5-10 % of the solids she eats. She eats lentils, beans, pasta, rice, green beans, potatoes,carrots, broccoll, peas, peaches, pears, apricots, grapes, watermelon... rice crispies, organic oat tosties cereal ( bascially like cheerios), chicken and beef. Everything is cut or shredded pea size.

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    Default Re: what table foods did you give first?

    At about 8 or 8.5 months, I let ds play with pureés that he could just smear around the tray. When he started experimenting with trying to put the more textured pureés in his mouth, we started with finger foods. The first was sweet potatoes-easily squished in the mouth.

    Then I tried butternut squash and he did not like the texture at all, so we've shelved that for now, which is a shame b/c he loved the pureé. He choked and gagged on it's stringiness too badly. Scared me to death.

    Anyway, we then did bananas after that, then I think avocados and pears which are a little firmer, but still soft enough if you get the right types. He now LOVES steamed carrots.

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