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Thread: How to introduce Cow's milk?

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    Default How to introduce Cow's milk?

    DD is 1 yr...

    I'm only wanting the day nursing since I'm willing to keep our 1st morning and bedtime sessions. But, with DD nursing only once during the night, I think she'll need a little more milk...

    I have a decent stash in the freezer, but I know it won't last forever...

    Can I just start DD on 1 daytime CM feeding? Like 4-6 ounces?

    She should be fine with the milk since she's had renegade milk consumption before thanks to her 3 yo cousin...
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    Default Re: How to introduce Cow's milk?

    I started with whole cow milk at 1 year, just with breakfast at first, now with every meal...only about 1/3 of a cup at first though. Now if he doesn't have it with a meal he begs for it and won't eat the rest of his meal if I don't give it to him. Now for the hard part...cutting down on breastmilk
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