My DS used to have really bad gas the first few weeks of his life (he's now 2 months), his back would arch, he would cry in pain after feeding, his stomach was bloated and you could tell he was trying really hard to pass the gas but to no avail. Massaging his stomach would help a little but it was still very painful for him. I did have a problem with OALD (I fed him one breast per feeding) and he had a little bit of reflux but it didn't explain all this gas. Then my ped told me to cut all raw veggies and fruits from my diet. I could only eat them cooked.
It was an immediate success I didn't cut out peanuts, dairy, spicy food or anything else from my diet - just raw veggies.
Has anyone else had the same experience? Apparently Doc's cut raw veggies out for elderly folks with digestive issues as well.