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Thread: how much does a 1 year old need to nurse?

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    Default how much does a 1 year old need to nurse?

    my daughter turns 1 in a week. In the past 2 weeks she has significantly decreased her nursing. She nurses 4x a day and the mid-day sessions are very short. Even at night and in the morning it is only about 1/2 the time it took just a few weeks ago. How do I know she is getting enough?

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    Default Re: how much does a 1 year old need to nurse?

    Hi newmommy,
    Congratulations on your daughter's first birthday soon!
    You sound worried she isn't getting enough nutrition with shorter nursing sessions. Many mothers comment on how busy their one-year-olds can be, and sometimes it seems like they are going to wean. At this age, they can be very efficient nursers, too, getting a lot in a short time.
    Output and growth patterns are still good indicators. How is she growing? How frequent are her wet diapers? Is her urine pale or dark?
    If you are interested in continuing to nurse, it's fairly common for nursing to pick up again during the second year as children walk and explore their worlds even more. All that running around, making noises and playing is serious work! Nursing can help reassure them as they grow.


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    Default Re: how much does a 1 year old need to nurse?

    I am glad you asked this question! So many extended-breastfeeders complain about how much their children nurse/how little their children eat. I worry that my DS is not nursing enough!

    My DS doesn't eat huge anounts of solids, but he does like them, and he's in love with crawling/exploring right now. I feel like I offer to nurse him all the time, and even slow down our schedule a couple times a week so we can be at home and increase the chances of his nursing. But he still usually only nurses about 4 times a day -- early morning (maybe 5 AM?), before his nap, after his nap or in the late afternoon (sometimes he skips this one, but I've noticed he nurses more at night when he does), and at bedtime. It especially feels so strange to me that he's not nursing after he gets up in the morning.

    I know this falls within the realm of normal, but it's hard not to worry. I'd like to keep going much longer! So, you're not the only one. I'm sure we'll all be complaining how MUCH our children nurse in another few months.

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    Default Re: how much does a 1 year old need to nurse?

    My dd went all day - about 12 hours - without nursing a couple times before turning one... then after she was one she went 13 hours without nursing one day and 14 hours the next day. We were together the whole time. She just never asked. She is now over two years old and would love to nurse 10 times every 24 hours and I actually work hard to keep it under 8 times a day. She has even spent a very successful weekend away from me and I've told her about the weaning party I'd like to throw her someday and I still see no end in sight for us. So a temporary decrease in interest, at least in our situation, was nowhere near the time of weaning. And they DO become quite efficient. I actually find myself wishing she'd nurse longer because I miss being able to finish a short chapter in a book during one nursing session. Now I'm lucky if I can finish a glass of water.

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