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    My 3 1/2 month old has started going to bed around 7:00 pm and getting up to nuse at around 1-2:00 am then does not get up to nurse until 5:00 am. My issue is that since this pattern has started I have had a faint period and feel as if my supply may be dropping (?) as baby is acting frustrated when trying to nurse in evening. Any ideas??????????

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    Many women notice a dip in supply around menstruation. If that applies to you, just be sure to follow your baby's cues and feed on demand, even if that means nursing much more frequently than average. Your supply should rebound very quickly.

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    I have this same problem since my period returned right after I had my LO. She was a NICU baby so my pattern was already off. Since there is a hormone in your body called estrogen when you are on your period, this hormone create less milk in the body. What I do is feed more frequently, and pump in-between. It has seemed to work so far, and she is very happy.
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