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Thread: Help with Sleeping/Feeding

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    Hi Everyone!
    I'm new here and came by because I heard you were all very helpful!
    I have an 8 week old little girl and within the last week and a half has developed an interesting feeding/sleeping schedule. I normally nurse her around 8:45 PM and then we go to bed. She sleeps for three and a half hours to four hours for her first stretch. This is wonderful, but then for the rest of the night she is waking every hour and 15 minutes to hour and a half. This continues until about 6 AM when we get up. Is this pattern normal and is there any way to "encourage" her to sleep longer spans between feedings? Each feeding during the hour and a half stage last about 5 minutes as she falls asleep and is done feeding. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    Sorry, but this is very common. If you feel she is falling asleep too soon, you can encourage her to wake up more at each feeding. Sit upright in bed, jostle her a little, undress her a little so she's cool, cool wash cloths to the forehead, talk to her, blow on her face, etc. Hopefully then she'll get more at a feeding and sleep for longer. Of course, there's always the threat that she'll wake up fully then and not want to go back to sleep.

    The best solution may be to just learn to sleep through the feedings. I know I've slept through many feedings. My baby was just tucked in next to me and he'd just move his head latch on. My sister was shocked to learn that I had no idea how often my child ate because I slept through most of them!
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    Sounds normal to me. Best suggestion I ever got was to sleep/nurse on my back. Here are some good photos: http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/i...ite-locked.pdf It really makes things easier for me!

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    I agree with the previous posters, learning to nurse laying down is VERY helpful.

    This pattern is very normal for a baby, in fact, we really don't want them to sleep all night this early! That's not what we'd like, but it's good for baby to nurse at night and good for your supply.
    Keeping your work to a minimum and keeping baby close can make a big difference at night. After baby gets a little older, you wont have to get up and change poopy diapers at night, you can react to baby rooting faster and nurse even before she wakes up.
    It really just gets easier at night with time!
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    nursing lying down, sleeping through feedings...it will save your sanity!

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