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Thread: Cough and Cold: Solutions?

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    Default Cough and Cold: Solutions?

    DS has a cold. This one is a bad one, the coughing is waking him up and making it hard for all of us to get some sleep. Due to his congestion, he doesn't want to nurse at night (congestion is worse whne he's been laying down for a while) even when he is clearly hungry.

    We are doing the cool mist humidifier, saline drops in his nose, and the occasional dose of ibuprofen for fever.

    We've had some success giving him some EBM with a syringe, which seems to get him to work past his discomfort and then nurse....but i'm wondering...is there anything else I can do to help him feel better and sleep?

    DS is 9 months, he's teething, is simultaneously learning to crawl/walk/talk...so he's got a lot to disrupt his sleep already, and this cold seems to be the worst yet.

    Before this cold, I thought getting up 3-5 times a night was bad, especially when he wouldn't go back to sleep for an hour or so during the mikddle of the night, but whew, this cold is murder on his sleep, i'd gladly go back to just the healthy sleepless child filled nights...

    btw: had him checked at the drs for anything more serious than just a cold as today was our well baby check...it's just a cold

    TIA for your help
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    Default Re: Cough and Cold: Solutions?

    My son has a cough & cold too. When he has trouble nursing I sometimes run the shower with hot water (& a vaporizing bubble bath) & let the bathroom steam up. It relieves the congestion for a little while. You can nurse afterwards or try nursing in the steamy bathroom. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Cough and Cold: Solutions?

    My son had a little cold (nothing like what you describe, you poor things!) a month ago. I kept saline nose drops next to our bed. When he woke up fussing, I put 2-3 drops in each nostril and used the nose sucker to suck out some snot. Usually it was enough that he could nurse afterwards for a while, which also seemed to help clear him out--he just couldn't nurse at first when his nose was super stuffy. And saline drops are safe for babies. Just be really gentle with the sucker so it doesn't make his nose irritated and make the congestion worse.
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    Default Re: Cough and Cold: Solutions?

    We do the hot steamy shower too... it seems to help alot.
    We have a warm mist humidifier and I stick some of the vicks med in the medicine cup of the humidifer... the cough suppressant one and that seems to help too. My ped said it was fine to use. My dd has a cold too and will not let me get the boogies out!! So anxious for spring!

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