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Thread: What causes a nursing strike?

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    Default What causes a nursing strike?

    I'm just curious...we haven't had one yet (knock on wood!). But I was curious what might precede one...or are they completely random events? Just one day, they don't want to nurse?

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    Default Re: What causes a nursing strike?

    Since we seem to be stuck in the nursing strike from ***** Guess i will weigh in!!!
    I just read this:
    Quote from http://www.llli.org/nb/nbnovdec92p173.html

    "Possible Causes of a Nursing Strike:
    Sometimes the cause of a nursing strike is obvious, but other times the mother may never discover the reason. Some common causes for a baby to refuse to nurse include:

    mouth pain from teething, an injury, a cold sore, or a fungus infection, such as thrush,
    an ear infection, which may cause pressure or pain while nursing,
    pain while being held in the nursing position, perhaps due to an immunization or an injury,
    a cold or stuffy nose that makes breathing difficult while nursing,
    too many bottles, overuse of a pacifier, or frequent thumbsucking, which >may lead to a reduced milk supply,
    regular distractions and interruptions while nursing,
    an unusually long separation from mother.
    There may be situations or actions on the mother's part that contribute to a baby's refusal to nurse:

    a strong reaction to a baby's bite,
    a major change in routine, such as moving or traveling,
    limiting and/or rigidly scheduling feedings,
    talking in a loud voice or arguing with other family members while nursing,
    overstimulation, stress, or tension from an overly full schedule or an upset in the home,
    repeatedly putting off the baby when she wants to nurse or letting her cry."
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    Default Re: What causes a nursing strike?

    Our nursing strike was caused by an ear infection. He would scream and turn away every time he tried to nurse, it was extremely frustrating.

    The best way to get over a nursing strike is by lots of skin-skin contact and trying to feed at night or when sleepy.

    The nursing strike lasted for 7 days- I pumped in the meantime although it was hard on my supply. This happened at about 9 months.

    We got over it and aren't looking back but forward to our 1 year celebration of birthday and nursing!

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