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    Ouch ouch ouch. My LO is 7 months old and is teething - so she's been biting down with her gums, which despite her not having any teeth still hurts terribly!!!!! Well, she did it yesterday, and I thought I was going to lose a nipple! I'm still in so much pain that I almost can't feed her on that side. I just went to pump, and the milk was tinged pinkish/red which I guess is blood? What can I do? I just stuck an ice pack in my bra, but it really hurts!!!

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    The only thing I can say is it is a phase, and yes it hurts hurts hurts!! The best advice I found is make sure that her she is actually hungry before nursing, if she is chewing fingers, drooling, etc. try offering her a chilled teether first to see if that satisfies her. You will still get bitten though, and each time in a stern but not scary voice say, "Ouch, no biting mommy." You dont want to scare her into a nursing strike, but you do want to get your point accross. WHen I went through that I was just sure there was no way my LO could understand that concept, but I did it anyway, and sure enough he stopped within a few days/weeks.

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