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Thread: No poop!

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    Default No poop!

    It has been two days, and my DS (3 months) hasn't pooped. I have noticed what DH and I like to call dirty farts - really just a little tiny spot of poop on his diaper, but that's it. In the past two weeks, he's started to only have one or two BMs a day, but plenty of wet diapers. In fact, his diaper is usually damp (not soaked) within an hour of changing him.

    I'm semi-sort of concerned. DS nurses on demand at home and has 3 to 4 bottles (4 1/2oz) of EBM at daycare, generally eating every 2-3 hours there.

    I've struggled with whether or not I'm giving him enough EBM over the past couple of weeks, and now that he hasn't pooped in a couple of days, I'm concerned that I should up the amount now.. Please advise!
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    My son stopped pooping daily at that age too. I have read that it is very common for breastfed babies to not have BM's an a daily basis. I wouldn't worry if I were you -- as long as he seems content and comfortable.

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    My lo use to go for days, like 3-4 sometime w/o pooping. His doctor said that was normal & not to worry. He never went everyday, especially more than once a day. Now that he's eating baby food he usually goes 2-3x a day.
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    It's pretty common for EBF babies to go longer periods without pooping once they reach a certain age. As long as you are getting plenty of wet diapers and he seems comfortable I wouldn't worry about. Watch out when he does go though because it might be a big one. My DD usually only poops about once every other day but when she goes, she goes!

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    I understand....believe me. My dd went through this as well, I think at that age as well. We are EBF here as well. We went from every day poops...lots of them, to every other, then eventually... you ready for this....

    she went TWO times... in TWO weeks. Yes twice in fourteen days.

    I think that I called the doctor probably five times! Every time I called, they re-assured me of the fact that EBM babies sometimes do this. Although, it took several calls to the ped and several, several convincing conversations for me to be "OK" with it. I mean, her tummy was not distended (hard, round) and she was still passing plenty of gas, along with plenty of wet diapers. I actually had one of the on-call pediatricians tell me during one of many calls during this time, that he had one patient (baby) that went 23 or so days w/ out a BM! (I on the other hand would NOT have been good w/ that!) Anyway, he had suggested I try the pediatric glycerine suppositories (could use like 1/4th of one every 72 hours till BM.)

    So, reassuring you, most of us have been through this same thing. They WILL poop, eventually. It's just that since they are EBF babies, the breast milk is almost completely metabolized! (meaning that they use almost ALL of the milk, there really is not that much waste material)

    Maybe just a quick ring to your ped will make you feel better. Mine always told me, "any changes in anything from the NORM...just call me!"
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    This is the age my son (almost 6 months old) started his weird pooping habits. Beleive it or not he actually went 7 days withought having a poop. As long as your lo is still happy and the poop isn't hard to pass than it's completely normal!

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