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Thread: beans and rice

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    One of my friends (has 4 kids) said that with her kids, when she started them on solids, she gave them beans and rice like this:

    Boil lentils - and then take the water only (no actual lentils - just the water) because it has a lot of nutrients - and mix it w/ rice cereal and breastmilk.

    Because rice/beans is supposed to be a complete meal (amino acids) and then plus the breastmilk.....the baby should be able to digest it and benefit from the nutrients.

    Has anyone actually done this? I mean, used the water from boiling beans? Just curious!

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    I have never heard that.. but why not just give the rice and lentils?? They are both soft and great foods for babies. My lo eats lentils and rice...

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    Yes. In India lentils are staple. When babies start off with solids they are usually given the watery portion and slowly the lentils are added.

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