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Thread: sippy cups already?

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    Default sippy cups already?

    ok, so i was browsing my babycenter msg board for the month my baby was born, and was reading a thread re: people introducing sippy cups to their baby.

    not sure how many of the moms are still EBF, but i didn't think you introduced sippy cups until later! are people actually using them?

    i'm not using bottles yet because i am a WAHM, so i just nurse him when he's hungry (no pumping or anything) - but i figured if i wanted to pump - i'd put it in a bottle - not sippy cup.

    i don't know if this is the right place to post this....i have nephews and nieces who use sippy cups but they are like 1 or 2 yrs old...not 6 months. just curious as to what other moms do on the board!

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    Default Re: sippy cups already?

    My 4-mo-old will occasionally accept breastmilk from a sippy cup. He isn't so fond of bottles. Since I do have to work (DH doesn't make much $ or have health insurance), we have to find some way to feed my milk to baby while I'm away. We use a combination of bottles (rarely works), a syringe or dropper and, his favorite so far, a Born Free sippy cup. My mom has fed him with a plain old cup, too--no lid. As a newborn!

    So many options!
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    Default Re: sippy cups already?

    I introduced the sippy cup (with water) when I introduced solids a week shy of 6 months. Just to experiment and to have the connection of a drink with meals! she doesnt get much bec she is not good at it yet, but she gets excited when I show it to her after her meals but gets a drop or two out at the most! Its actually kinda funny!!

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    Default Re: sippy cups already?

    i think that olivia was around 5 months old when she started using a sippy cup. dh was always too afraid to place EBM in the sippy cups because she would shake the cups and the water would fly out of the opening of the cup. he was too afraid of loosing bm this way. she loved the independence of using the cups.

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    Default Re: sippy cups already?

    I started offering water in a sippy cup with solids at around 6mo. DS loved playing with it and I don't think he managed to drink much. It was just another thing for him to play with and learn how to use.

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